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Private Preserve
The Original Inert Gas Aerosol

Private Preserve is well suited to the preservation of wine, port, sherry, single malts, bourbons, Cognac, Sake and Tequila and in the kitchen for fine cooking oils and vinegars. Tests have shown that Private Preserve can keep wine fresh for a full year without any deterioration in bouquet or oxidation. Each canister of Private Preserve contains 600 separate sprays, which can be used to preserve up to 100 bottles.

How Private Preserve Works
Private Preserve is a unique gas that lays a blanket over the wine. Private Preserve's gases are heavier than air, and thus displace oxygen from the surface of the wine. Private Preserve therefore prevents the wine from oxidizing (spoiling). The mixture of gases in Private Preserve is inert, harmless, tasteless and completely environmentally safe.

How Private Preserve Is Used
Private Preserve has an extension tube that is attached to the spray head. You simply insert the tube into the neck of the wine bottle and spray. The wine bottle is then re-corked and stored upright.

Restaurants use Private Preserve wine preserving and storage products for a variety of reasons.  One reason is an effective wine-by-the-glass program; they can offer many more wines by the glass without spoilage.  Another reason is spoilage; an open bottle of wine tends to spoil in one to two days.  Many restaurants end up pouring profits down the drain when product goes bad. Many restaurants and bars just serve spoiled wine to their customer.  This method sure does not favour repeat business. 

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Private Preserve Private Preserve How To Use Instructions
For Use

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how to use Private Preserve

How to use Private Preserve
  • Use each time you pour & store.

  • Put the tip of the extension tube inside the neck of the bottle against the glass. Tube use insures maximum protection.

  • Spray one long (1 sec.) and 4 short bursts into 750ml bottle. Larger bottles require additional sprays - add one long spray for each larger size.

  • Re-cork immediately & store upright.

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