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a unique, by-the-glass wine decanting system

Classic   Slim   Connoisseur   Stand   To-Go   Aero
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7702 DECANTUS™ Classic 5-Piece Set

The DECANTUS Wine Aerator is a unique by-the-glass wine aerating system. The DECANTUS Wine Aerator utilizes the Bernoulli effect where the reduced pressure of a stream of fluid (wine) draws an air flow through diagonal thin tubes inside the Decantus. The wider opening on top and larger liquid capacity of the top reservoir bowl makes pouring into DECANTUS™ Wine Aerator much easier than with the Vinturi. Wine travels faster through the Decantus without a whirlpool effect, because of the vertical planar insert. The “froth” from Decantus has finer bubbles giving smoother aeration than any other aerator on the market.


The DECANTUS™ Deluxe has some serious curves. Sinuous and graceful, it has two handles for easy handling while pouring. The Decantus Deluxe stands 5” high and 4 ˝” wide at the handles. Get greater value and enjoyment from your next bottle of wine with the DECANTUS Wine Aerator. 

The DECANTUS™ Classic Wine Aerator Set contains the upgraded wine aerator featuring two handles for easy grip and handling while pouring. The five piece set includes: Decantus Deluxe Wine Aerator, heavy base, velvet storage pouch, sediment screen and cleaning brush in a premium gift box.

7702 DECANTUS™ Classic
5-Piece Set

Decantus Classic

7702 Decantus Classic

Decantus Classic Set

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7704 DECANTUS™ Slim 4-Piece Set

The DECANTUS™ Slim is a streamlined version of the Decantus, but without the handles. It boasts the same Rubenesque shape of the classic Greek Amphora vase, heavy base, velvet storage pouch & cleaning brush are included in a premium gift box. The Decantus Slim stands 5” high and 2 ľ” wide at the top.

7704 DECANTUS™ Slim
4-Piece Set

Decantus Slim

7704 Decantus Slim

Decantus Slim


7711 DECANTUS™ Connoisseur 6-Piece Set

The DECANTUS™ Connoisseur Set is the ultimate wine aerating and decanting system. This 6-Piece Wine Decanting System includes the DECANTUS Deluxe aerator & heavy base, velvet storage pouch, sediment screen, cleaning brush and table stand  in a premium gift box.  

7711 DECANTUS™ Connoisseur
6-Piece Set
7711 Decantus Connoisseur  DECANTUS™ Connoisseur Set


7710 DECANTUS™ Table Stand

With the DECANTUS™ Wine Aerator Table Stand you've got a simple, hands free platform for pouring wine through the Decantus. Protective plastic tubing at the top prevents scratching the Decantus. The Decantus Wine Aerator Table Stand is 13" high and 6 1/4" wide at the oval wood base.  

The DECANTUS™ Table Stand includes the stand ONLY. The DECANTUS™ Wine Aerator must be purchased separately.

7710 DECANTUS Table Stand
(DECANTUS™ Wine Aerator Not Include)

Decantus Table Stand

7710 Decantus Stand


7705 DECANTUS™ To-Go 3-Piece Set, No Handles

The DECANTUS™ To-Go consists of the Decantus Slim, no handles, with an light ABS base and cloth storage pouch packaged on a blister card or in a compact box. 

7705 DECANTUS™ To-Go
3-Piece Set

7705 Decantus To-Go (no handles)

7705 Decantus To-Go (Blister) 7705 Decantus To-Go (Compact Box)

7706 DECANTUS™ To-Go
3-Piece Set, Deluxe With Handles 

The DECANTUS™ To-Go consists of the Decantus Deluxe, with handles, with an light ABS base and cloth storage pouch packaged in a compact box. Available in BC and AB for retail locations only.

7706 DECANTUS™ To-Go
3-Piece Set

7706 Decantus To-Go Deluxe (with handles)

 7706 Decantus To-Go, With Handles (Compact Box)


7716 DECANTUS™ Aero Wine Aerating Pourer, Clear Model
7717 DECANTUS™ Aero Wine Aerating Pourer, Black Model

Experience softer tannins, increased bouquet and enhanced flavour.  Removable lid for covering contents for restaurants, wine bars and winery tasting rooms. 7 1/4" long.  DECANTUS™ Aero Counter Display available; for retail locations only.

7716 DECANTUS™ Aero, Clear
7717 DECANTUS™ Aero, Black

Decantus Aero Wine Aerating Pourer

7716 Decantus Aero, Clear Model  7717 Decantus Aero, Black Model

Decantus Aero Counter Display

7723 DECANTUS™ Aero Primo-Set, Clear Model  NEW
7724 DECANTUS™ Aero Primo-Set, Black Model 

Contains Decantus Aero plus fabric pull-string storage sack and cleaning brush in premium gift box. 
(Available end of June, early July)

7723 DECANTUS™ Aero Primo-Set, Clear
7724 DECANTUS™ Aero Primo-Set, Black 
7723 Decantus Aero Primo-Set, Clear  NEW 7723 Decantus Aero Primo-Set, Black NEW

DECANTUS™ wine pourer is the only pourer on the market proven to reduce sulphites an average of 56%! *
                    * Maska Laboratories, Inc. September 2010 (click to view report)

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DECANTUS User Instructions    International Brochure



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